Discover How To Boost Your Game and Classroom performance.
This fun and effective program is a must for parents and coaches whose athletes are ages 13 and under.

Athletes Learn How To:

  • Step to the plate, the mound, the free-throw line, under center, with unshakable confidence every time in any situation.
  • Train their body with evidence/science-based processes that are sport-specific, body-specific, position-specific, and movement-specific.
  • Anchor confidence in their body and mind so you can take that same confidence into the game and classroom?
  • Do you have a well-designed plan that will give you the best opportunity to play at the next level?

“Parents, Coaches, and Athletes dedicate time and money on expert training and equipment, but often are unaware of how they sabotage performance.” 

“I have helped athletes, parents, and coaches overcome these very challenges and many more like these. And I have the perfect solution to help young athletes overcome these challenges and gain confidence in sports and the classroom.”  

–Mark Pruss, Performance Coach

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