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The Intentional Athlete™

.One-on-One with Coach Mark

If you are ready to maximize your potential, truly take your game to the next level, it’s time to have a competitive advantage and become The Intentional Athlete™

The Intentional Athlete™

.Online Programs

You will be using the same processes that help the world’s best athletes achieve their goals. – uniquely customized to maximize your potential.

The Intentional Athlete™


The training never stops when your best needs to be better. Supercharge your performance with sport-specific ebooks.

Sedona Sports Perferformance™


Be among those who achieve their wildest potential.
You deserve a life changing experience.

  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Softball: Hitting

    40 page ebook packed with heart, mind, and body guidelines to follow to help you become intentional at your sport.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Softball: Pitching

    Can you call on your best stuff in any situation?  
    Whether it's the first inning in a travel game or final inning in the championship game in Oklahoma City, are you at SWAG?
    • Learn how to master your craft.
    • Have confidence with every pitch. 
    • It's time to learn 3-2-1, Merge, Step in - Step out, Cue Word, and SWISH.
    Your game will never be the same. 
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Basketball

    40 page ebook packed with heart, mind, and body guidelines to follow to help you become intentional at your sport.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Golf

    An amateur player or PGA/LPGA professional, you have all been in that situation. Do you know what it is?  Yep, playing with the golfer between the ears.  He or she begins chattering the moment you wake, eating breakfast, warming-up, the first drive, and doesn't stop until your head hits the pillow.
    • Hours of private instruction.
    • Buckets of balls driving, chipping, and putting.
    • How many golfers do we see who play well only to fade and can't finish?
    Athletes must learn to entrain the mind, body, and game. It's time to have success on purpose. Learn how to store the best of your game and call on it whenever you desire in any situation.  
    Hey, don't worry about water, right.
  • This ebook is the program Mark teaches around the country to help parents and coaches better prepared to enter the world of travel sports.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Baseball: Hitting

    In this downloadable ebook, Mark explains the Intentional Athlete techniques to entrain your heart, mind, and body specifically to help you achieve your hitting goals.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Baseball: Pitching

    40 page ebook packed with heart, mind, and body guidelines to follow to help you become intentional at your sport.
  • The most requested and highly attended webinar offered by Sedona Sports Performance™

    The Intentional Athlete™ Foundational
    Finally, the program that has been presented live to MLB, NFL, NHL, over 40 Division 1 Colleges, and countless high school and travel sports teams is now available live online. 
    Did you notice that when you try to take your game to the next level, no matter how hard you work, that effort meets with resistance? No matter how many extra hours you put in, you have yet to take the quantum leap to that next level of performance you desire? Would you like to learn why? Would you like to learn how?
  • The #1 Travel Sports Program

    The Intentional Athlete™ Get Your Edgewill help you discover what you need most in your training, then give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve it. With this 2-lesson live online program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back and truly take charge of your mind, body, and sport.  Imagine how it would feel to be able to call on your best in any situation. 

    Discover how to:

    • Improve focus
    • Release doubt and fear
    • Increase confidence – We call it SWAG
    • Eliminate injury and re-injury fears
    • Speed healing and recovery time
    • Improve ACT and SAT scores
    • Perform consistently
    • Call on their best in any situation
    Don’t allow your game to be anything less than extraordinary. Say yes to your risk-free opportunity and begin your journey today!

    Contact Mark for multiple player and team rates. 

  • One day, you are on; everything is flowing — not one concern. The next outing, you can't seem to get it going. You begin to press or chase your game. Now the cascade of doubt and negativity creeps in. You have become trapped in the cycle of negative self-talk. By the end of the day, you're stunned. You spent the day chasing your performance, and you never caught it. Sound familiar? It should; it's one of the critical reasons athletes never sustain play at the next level.
    The Intentional Athlete Back-To-Swag is designed to stop the mental sabotage immediately.

    It is your secret to crush resistance and get back to the top of your game.