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Here is a sampling of fine organizations whose players and/or coaches I have served.

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Live Events

“True Professional”

“I had the opportunity to hear Mark speak for another organization last year during Spring Training. Mark is a true professional with a passionate message that delivers results. I see why players around the league reach out to him. Mark, I look forward to seeing you again in Arizona!”  -Randy S., San Diego Padres

Compete at the Next Level

Imagine calling on the best of your game in any situation.

Driven By Purpose

“Athletes must entrain mind, body, and sport or the next sound you hear will be your sport passing you by.”  -Coach Mark

Mark Pruss, Performance Coach


30 Years Helping Winning Athletes Create
Success and Fullfillment in:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Football League
  • National Hockey League
  • PGA
  • LPGA
  • Olympians
  • Over 60 NCAA Universities and Colleges

The Intentional Athlete™

Elevate Your Game!

You have a deep, daily desire to perform at a higher level. You know there must be a way to overcome your own limitations… break through the barriers that lie in front of you… and maximize your own athletic potential. Enjoy the 10 Traits of Intentional Athletes.

Don’t allow your game to be anything less than extraordinary.

Success Stories

“100% thumbs up! Amazing for a groups of over 200 athletes. It is the 4th time Mark has delivered to PBR ballplayers in Indiana. Mark’s dynamic and enthusiastic style coupled with utilizing coaches and athletes on stage, made the entire evening for all who attended. I will be calling again in the future to schedule him during our tournaments. Coach Mark, thank you again for giving these kids a competitive advantage in baseball, classroom and life!”  -Donald R., Bloomington, Indiana, Coach and proud college athlete dad.
“I met Coach Mark five years ago while attending a softball tournament with my daughter in Orlando, Florida.  Sara was new to the game and struggling. I overheard you speaking with a group of parents and players surrounding you in the hotel lobby. Afterward, you were kind enough to talk with me and immediately made time for Sara. She experienced immediate relief and went on to have a super weekend. Here we are four years later, Mark, thank you is not enough to express the appreciation and joy I felt when I hugged Sara on signing day.” -K. Jorgenson  Marietta, Georgia  
“Mark uses humor and a straight-to-the-point approach to deliver his message. His desire to empower athletes and maximize their performance to achieve their goals really shows during his presentation. Players found the information very useful in helping them navigate the process of getting to the next level and furthering their student’s and athletic careers. I would recommend Mark to any athletic programs and athletes that want to excel in sports during and after college.”  -Erin M., Mesa Public Schools

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