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The athlete who recovers the fastest often plays the longest, at the highest level with the fewest injuries. The solution to one of the biggest challenges facing athletes is finding a safe product that sustains energy, optimizes hydration, and offers continuous recovery. PurAthlete meets that challenge head on.

We invest thousands of dollars on travel, mechanics, private instruction, and fail to learn that all of that hard work is limited by nutrition choices. We don’t expect young athletes to micro manage their nutrition but let’s offer them every opportunity to maximize the game and have a competitive advantage. 

2% Dehydration can affect 10% of performance

Athletes know that two of the most significant reasons that athletes fail to make it to the next level, and ultimately quit the sport, is the lack of mastering the mental/emotional game and poor nutrition. I speak at Spring Training, Colleges, Exposure, and Showcase events, and I am amazed at how athletes sabotage their performance with poor nutrition.  
A hot and humid Saturday. The players have a couple of games to play. They head to Subway, Chipotle, or some other fast food restaurant; shovel down what they think is a healthy meal, then they can’t figure out why they are more ready to take a nap than play the next game. Bad food means limited recovery. Your mind is going to lag with the body connection resulting in anxiousness at the plate, on the mound, court, or course. Often, with limited recovery, an injury is around the corner. You begin to press, and finally, the cascade of negativity kicks in, and it’s too late — shame on us. We spend a lot of time and money on travel, mechanics, private instruction, equipment, and fail to learn that poor nutrition choices negate all of that hard work. Order PurAthlete Performance Nutrition today and maximize your performance and competitive advantage. 


“The 24 Hour Performance Solution”


Improve strength and stamina by taking this before your game or workout.

  • Increases Power & Strength
  • Real-Time Bioavailability® of creatine & magnesium
  • Enhances Neurological Efficiency


The most effective hydration and performance-sustaining product, period.

  • Sustained Fuel Source without Stimulants
  • Increased Anaerobic Threshold & Aerobic Output
  • Superior Cramp Relief
  • Real-Time Bioavailability®


Recover faster and rebuild muscle by taking this after your game or workout.

  • Reduces muscle breakdown
  • Increases muscle protein synthesis
  • Conserves and increases lean muscle mass

Your body deserves the best. PurAthlete is a Gold Medallion Customer of Albion Minerals, the industry innovator and manufacturer of the highest grade chelated minerals available today.

If you compete at an elite level, confidence in your training regimen is everything. PurAthlete products are NSF Certified for Sport®, assuring you a clean, banned substance free supplement you can consistently rely on.

Real-Time Bioavailability® is the foundation of all of our performance nutrition solutions.  It describes the composition and properties of our products that allow athletes to draw on the nutrition as needed.

PurAthlete is simply THE BEST Performance Nutrition Available.