• Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Softball: Hitting

    40 page ebook packed with heart, mind, and body guidelines to follow to help you become intentional at your sport.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Softball: Pitching

    Can you call on your best stuff in any situation?  
    Whether it's the first inning in a travel game or final inning in the championship game in Oklahoma City, are you at SWAG?
    • Learn how to master your craft.
    • Have confidence with every pitch. 
    • It's time to learn 3-2-1, Merge, Step in - Step out, Cue Word, and SWISH.
    Your game will never be the same. 
  • This ebook is the program Mark teaches around the country to help parents and coaches better prepared to enter the world of travel sports.