• Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Golf

    An amateur player or PGA/LPGA professional, you have all been in that situation. Do you know what it is?  Yep, playing with the golfer between the ears.  He or she begins chattering the moment you wake, eating breakfast, warming-up, the first drive, and doesn't stop until your head hits the pillow.
    • Hours of private instruction.
    • Buckets of balls driving, chipping, and putting.
    • How many golfers do we see who play well only to fade and can't finish?
    Athletes must learn to entrain the mind, body, and game. It's time to have success on purpose. Learn how to store the best of your game and call on it whenever you desire in any situation.  
    Hey, don't worry about water, right.
  • Available Spring 2024

    Intentional Basketball

    40 page ebook packed with heart, mind, and body guidelines to follow to help you become intentional at your sport.
  • This ebook is the program Mark teaches around the country to help parents and coaches better prepared to enter the world of travel sports.