The Intentional Athlete™ Get Your Edge


The #1 Travel Sports Program

The Intentional Athlete™ Get Your Edgewill help you discover what you need most in your training, then give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve it. With this 2-lesson live online program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back and truly take charge of your mind, body, and sport. 

Imagine how it would feel to be able to call on your best in any situation. 

Discover how to:

  • Improve focus
  • Release doubt and fear
  • Increase confidence – We call it SWAG
  • Eliminate injury and re-injury fears
  • Speed healing and recovery time
  • Improve ACT and SAT scores
  • Perform consistently
  • Call on their best in any situation

Don’t allow your game to be anything less than extraordinary. Say yes to your risk-free opportunity and begin your journey today!

Contact Mark for multiple player and team rates. 

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Sample Meeting Expectations – 

Lesson 1

  • Why The Intentional Athlete works
  • What to expect
  • How we measure success
  • Processes review

Release Process – Applied Kinesiology to remove what is sabotaging your game.

SWISH  – “Best you have ever looked, felt, and played,” anchor that performance, and call on it in any situation. Learn how to speak to the player between your ears.

The Big 3″ – Morning, daily, and night time processes will begin improving your game today.

NOTE: Bring your Equipment! – You’re going to Swag


The Big 3 – Review to mastery.

SWISH – Review to Mastery

The Dive 2 – Meet, Merge, and Speak with the ultimate player within.

Re-visit Release Process from the last meeting. 

Top-Down 3 – Game time process application that instantly relieves fear, nervousness and instills confidence.

HeartMath – Focused Breathing Technique for building resilience. 

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