The Sedona Body Mastery™ Program is a holistic approach to living an Intentional Life.

  • Regain Your Energy

  • Enjoy Mental Clarity

  • Eliminate Fear

  • End Procrastination

  • Live A Full Abundant Life

“Wherever you are in life, the Sedona Body Mastery™ Program ensures that improvement is waiting in the wings.”  

Why Willpower Alone Isn’t Enough

Think about it, you tell yourself, “that’s it. I’m going to lose weight, change jobs, save money, meet that perfect someone. Sound familiar? Then the self-talk kicks in, and your emotions start working in overdrive, conjuring up everything from massive self-doubt to images of delicious golden French-fries, or reasons no one will hire you or date you.
Who wins out? Your self-talk, of course. You cut a deal with yourself to start your diet, go to the gym, or looking for that next job on Monday.
It doesn’t matter how much steely resolve you muster up; 99 times out of a 100, it just isn’t enough. Fact: willpower weakens with use.

“How do I know the Sedona Body Mastery™ Program works? Because I’m living proof, it does. I have lived most of my life with depression. I have spent my entire adult life studying human performance. I am amazed at how long people are willing to live in pain and fear. You do have a choice. It will quite possibly be the most productive and essential action you take today.-See you on the path.”  

–Mark Pruss, Performance Coach

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