A sampling of fine organizations whose players and/or coaches I have served.

I tell all of the athletes that I am blessed to serve: “I love you. How fast can I get rid of you.”

We will still knuckle bump, chest bump, or hug each other at spring training, tournaments, or other events. But wouldn’t you agree that if I do my job, you shouldn’t need me? When we meet, it is our job to eliminate what is sabotaging your performance, often in two meetings. Then equip you with amazingly effective processes that will give you the ability to call on your best performance regardless of the situation.

The SSP Program for Athletes at All Levels

You will have aha moments because this works.

Before we consider working together, let’s be sure we are a good fit. Please do not request working together or investing a dime in any of my offerings unless you are 100% committed to yourself, sport, and the process. The program is not “put one foot in the water and see what happens,” or “yeah, I think will try this.”

You and I get 86,400 seconds per day, and I promise not to waste one of yours. I have to be better on a Sunday than you do. I have dedicated my life to human performance. I love everyone I have been fortunate to serve, but if you dog it, don’t make this part of your game, I will kick you to the curb regardless of your playing level.

Please note: I limit the number of athletes that I serve each year directly. Please do not be offended if I am unable to meet your initial request. I promise to do my best to accommodate you.

Professional Athletes

You’re in “The Show” Professional athletes may reach me directly or through your agent. I will set expectations during our initial meeting. For example, MLB players usually reach out after the season in December and January. If you are coming off an injury, I like to meet at a minimum during the two weeks before Spring training. I serve approximately 25 MLB players per year. I try to limit it to 15-17 players from December through the start of the regular season; keeping a gap for the additional 8-10 players that will reach out during the season because of injuries, being sent down or called up.

You get me for the year. That way, if we begin work during the season, we will have the opportunity to process during the offseason or next spring training.

In season, I stay at the same hotel. The program’s three-day design maximizes time during a three-game series. We have an agreement that when you perform, I expect to receive your stats the next day.

Here is what a 3-Day Program looks like

The program is aggressive because it has to be. We have to clear what is sabotaging your game plus learn processes you may call on to continue playing at a high level. Remember, you have me for the year and will continue to speak by phone or skype to continue mastering the processes as you desire.

Day 1

We will work in my suite in the morning, before, or immediately following breakfast. We will do “The Release” and “The Dive.” Then after the game we do “Revisit, The Release, and The Dive. Then back to your suite to sleep.

Day 2

On this day we repeat the Day 1 schedule, but do “The Dive” and “The Merge” in the morning.  After the game we do “Step in – Step out” and “Swish” processes in the evening. Then off to bed for recovery.

Day 3

Because of getaway day, we do “The Release” and “SWAG Test” in the morning only. For the majority of players, that is all it will take. Not only are you at SWAG, but you may call on the best of your game in any situation.

College Athletes

You are now facing the challenges of excelling in the classroom and improving your game. Sedona Sports Performance can help you do both.

The SSP Program prepares you for a career on and off the field. I hope you find your College experience as fun and rewarding as I did.

Be sure and introduce yourself when I speak on your campus.

Also, with over 4000 members in our coaching group, we have an incredible network that may aid you in a job search. Feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

High School Athletes

Congrats to the 137 student-athletes who signed letters of intent to play baseball, softball, basketball, and golf. May you all have a successful 2020 Freshman year. My mission to change high school sports continues.

I work with 25 to 29 professional athletes, many college athletes, and speak to thousands of high school athletes every year.

Desire to play the sport you love at the next level? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you learned processes that helped you play confidently every time? Call on the best of your game in any situation? What if you also found that you no longer have test anxiety, public speaking anxiety, ACT, or SAT anxiety? That is what Sedona Sports Performance Programs can do for you.

I offer free SSP Athlete Seminars to Highschool and Travel teams.

“85% of my practice is athletes and coaches. My remaining practice serves individuals who are driven, goal-oriented, and interested in releasing issues and getting results.”

-Mark Pruss, Sedona Sports Performance Coach