The Intentional Athlete™ Ultimate Edge Online Program

The Intentional Athlete™ Program is not just a workout or mental management system. The complete training system that entrains Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Performance goals delivering the fastest and most effective outcomes you desire.

Once you have successfully implemented The Intentional Athlete™ you will understand the greatness you can achieve and how great it feels to have a competitive advantage.

Purpose Driven, Results-Focused, Customized Action Plan

Athletes who succeed don’t wait for something to happen. They don’t leave it to chance or hope someone will discover their skills. Athletes take charge of their own paths, providing the most value and do the most for those around them. They make things happen.

Available for multiple players and teams only.

Sample Meeting Expectations –

Meeting 1 

  • Why the Intentional Athlete works.
  • What to expect.
  • Goal Setting
  • How we measure success.
  • Processes
  • Release Process – Applied Kinesiology to remove what is sabotaging your game.
  • The Dive 1 – Learn how to speak to the player between your ears.
  • The Big 3 – Morning, daily, and night time processes that begin improving your game today.

Meeting 2 

  • The Big 3 – Review to mastery.
  • The Dive 2 – Meet, Merge, and Speak with the ultimate player within.
  • Re-visit Release Process from the prior meeting.
  • Top-Down 3 – Game time process that instantly relieves fear and nervousness.

Meeting 3 

  • Top–Down 3 – Game time application, Pitching and Hitting.
  • Mental 1 – Active and Passive visualization training.
  • 3-2-1 – Maximizing the mental game while at practice.
  • SWISH Pattern – “Best you have ever looked, felt, and played,” anchor that performance, and call on it in any situation.
  • NOTE: Bring your Equipment!

Meeting 4 

  • SWISH Pattern – Review to mastery.
  • NOTE: Bring your Equipment!
  • Dive 3 – Mastering your night time process.
  • Anchoring and Clearing to SWAG.
  • HeartMath – Quick coherence and resilience training.

Meeting 5

  • HeartMath – Review to mastery.
  • Show Time – Putting It All Together defining a Day-in-the-Life of the SSP Athlete.
  • NOTE: Bring your Equipment!